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I am Christine from Singapore. My nose has always been an insecurity of mine. Whenever I looked in the mirror, I could only see my nose. I wanted it was sharper and higher. I’ve decided to give myself a present of my birthday, the nose surgery which I was always thinking about. I got to know Dr. Song from several researches online and I booked a consultation with Chloe through e-mail (she was very fluent in English so didn’t have a single problem communicating with her). Finally I flew to Seoul for a life changing experience. Everyone in the clinic was very attentive and kind also good at English. I felt relieved. After having a consultation with Dr. Song, I finally knew what nose shape would look best on me. I made up my mind to have Rib cartilage nose surgery done. A few days passed from the surgery date and I felt normal as before. Even if my nose was a little bit swollen, I could tell the shape is beautiful, as I wanted it to be. All the staffs seemed really happy to see my new nose. I appreciated Dr. Song for making my dream come true and all the staff for heartwarming cares. Thank you all. If anybody out there who is having a same concern about his/her nose, I would highly recommend Dr. Song. He knows what he is doing. Thank you.


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