“What Is Mid-face Augmentation?”

Mid-face augmentation is VIP’s premium surgery created by Dr.Lee Myung Ju at VIP Plastic Surgery Center. This unique surgery improves the sunken mid-face, protruded mouth, and deep laugh lines by elevating the basement of the nose structure. Small pieces of rib cartilage or silicone implants are inserted into the nostrils and/or philtrum, creating an aesthetic profile line of the columella. This surgery gives a “two-jaw surgery” similar effect but performed in a much simpler way. It is recommended for people who want to achieve more elegant and sophistcated profile line from nose line to lips. This Mid-face Augmentation is commonly performed along with the rhinoplasty; the combination is called Harmony Rhinoplasty at VIP.

Doctor’s Message

I have realized many Asians and African Americans have sunken mid-face and protruded mouth compared to their nose basement creating an unbalanced profile view after the general rhinoplasty. Due to the unbalanced profile view, many of patients consider two-jaw surgery or protruded mouth surgery, which are the major surgeries to undergo. However, many VIP patients are satisfied with mid-face augmentation since it gives a “two-jaw surgery” similar result and is simple and safe to undergo the surgery. The surgery is about an hour and is under local anesthesia. When mid-face augmentation is performed along with the rhinoplasty, it creates a synergistic effect giving a harmonized profile view line. This surgery is recommended for whoever wants to look more sophisticated and to achieve more elegant profile view.

Operation Information

  • Surgery Time :    1 Hours
  • Anesthesia Type :    Local Anesthesia
  • Hospitalization :    None
  • Stitch Removal :    None
  • Recovery Time :    1-2 Days

Harmony Rhinoplasty Surgery Method

mid-face augmentation

White color: Rhinoplasty
Blue and yellow color: Mid-face Augmentation

There are two different materials used for the mid-face augmentation: silicone implant and rib cartilage. The mid-face augmentation is usually combined with the rhinoplasty but it can be solely performed without rhinoplasty as well.

When undergoing septal cartilage rhinoplasty, Ear cartilage rhinoplasty, or mid-face augmentation (silicone), two pieces of silicone implants are used. These two small implants are inserted into the nostrils and/or under the philtrum to elevate the level of base structure of the nose.

When undergoing a rib cartilage rhinoplasty, the VIP doctor creates and designs two small rib cartilage implants as materials for the mid-face augmentation. These two rib cartilage implants are inserted into the nostrils and/or under the philtrum as previously explained.

What Are the Common Symptoms?

Patients with a deviated septum suffer from many issues in their daily life. Not only they distress from an asymmetry shape of the nose but also suffer from functional problems. It causes systemic symptoms such as stuffy nose, the decline in concentration, a deficit of attention, and failure of the memory. Sinusitis also can occur; it can be the reason for eustachitis and otitis media when catching a cold.

Illustration Simulation for Harmony Rhinoplasty

Harmony Rhinoplasty: Rhinoplasty with the mid-face Augmentation surgery

Mid face augmentation and rhinoplasty before and after

Ideal Candidates for Mid-face Augmentation

01   People with a protruded mouth

02   People with deep laugh lines (nasolabial folds)

03   People with a sunken mid-face

04   People who wish to achieve a sophisticated and elegant appearance

05   People who wish to have a beautiful profile view

06   People who wish to have more beautiful lip line


It is possible to have mid-face augmentation before your rhinoplasty. However, as mid-face is closely related and connected to your nose structure, there may be another change when you have your rhinoplasty. It is best for the doctor to consider and structure your mid-face and nose closely together at the same time.
The answer depends on the case. Please consider that when the midface augmentation is done separately from rhinoplasty, Dr.Lee will use silicone instead of rib cartilage as he will not be harvesting rib cartilage solely for midface augmentation. When using silicone for midface augmentation, there are certain limitations to what can be done. Please note that if the nose doesn’t have enough support and has a weak structure, midface augmentation cannot be done without rhinoplasty.
Although it depends on the case, most cases would be quite complicated. Midface augmentation has to be connected to the nose as a comprehensive structure, and rearranging the structure with an existing implant or a cartilage can lead to unpredictable results. Dr.Lee would need to see you in person to decide if it can be done or not.

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