Fat Grafting

“What Is Breast Fat Grafting?”

Breast Fat Grafting is a great surgery to achieve a perfect body contour line. Breast Fat Grafting harvests excess fat tissues from the patient’s own stomach or thigh areas and inserts purified fats into the breasts. This surgery method uses autologous tissues without foreign implants to minimize the potential side effects and to create the most natural result. VIP doctors use a lipo-collector and inject in multi-directions to create a precise and lasting result.

Operation Information

  • Surgery Time :    ~2 Hours
  • Anesthesia Type :    IV sedation or General Anesthesia
  • Hospitalization :    None
  • Stitch Removal :    2 Days
  • Recovery Time :    1-2 Weeks

Q & A

Q.    I want to use my own autologous fat tissues to naturally achieve a bigger breast size. However, I am concerned that fat tissues will not last long enough as much as the foreign implants do. How long does the fat graft last?

A.    Normally, it is known that fat absorption could happen up to 50% after fat grafting. However, the result may differ depending on the surgeon’s skill in performing the surgery and the patient’s body condition. If the patient tends to lose weight and fats easily, there is a possibility that this patient will lose more face volume than other patients after the fat grafting. It is also important that the surgeon not only injects the fats in the superficial dermis area but also to the deeper layer of skin for a lasting result. Nonetheless, the individual surgeon with experiences and know-how techniques are keys to success in fat grafting.

Breast Fat Grafting Surgery Method

Steps for Breast Fat Grafting Surgery Method

STEP  01 Harvest live fat tissues from the stomach, hip, and thighs using a fine cannula. Harvesting should be carefully conducted to minimize the damage in tissues.
Steps for Breast Fat Grafting Surgery Method

STEP  02 Filter and extract only the healthy fat tissues using a lipo-collector machine.
Steps for Breast Fat Grafting Surgery Method

STEP  03 Using a fine texture cannula, inject the filtered live fat tissues into each precise layer of the dermis in multiple directions.
Steps for Breast Fat Grafting Surgery Method

STEP  03 Voluminous breasts are created using autologous fat tissues from the own body.

Ideal Candidates for Breast Fat Grafting

01   People who are interested in breast surgery but do not want to insert foreign implants in body

02   People who desire to fix asymmetric breast size or sagging breasts

03   People who want to lose fats in thighs or stomach and have volume in breasts

Breast Fat Grafting Surgery Point

01   Does not use a foreign implant (silicone bag) maximizing the natural result

02   Creates a natural breast shape

03   Gives a soft touch and texture

04   Creates a precise breast size by injecting fat tissues instead of inserting foreign implants

05   Minimizes the scarring

06   Allows a fast recovery

07   1 Surgery 2 Results – Removes excess fat tissues from stomach and thigh and creates a voluminous breast

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