“What Is Jaw Reduction?”

Jaw reduction is a surgery to create a slim jawline in a smooth and natural way. Unlike dermal injections that give a subtle change, Jaw ReductionSurgery fundamentally creates a slim face line by the incision method. In a general jaw reduction, only the mandibular angle is reduced and therefore the shape of the chin does not change much. Although the regular jaw reduction can shave down the prominence of the jaw, there would be no dramatic effect for patients with a large and stubby chin who desires to achieve an overall slim face line. The ‘VIP jaw reduction’ is a solution to this problem. This makes the desired facial shape suitable for the patient by shaving the chin area as well. Refining the shape of the chin and reducing the mandibular angle simultaneously result in a V-line oval face. In addition, a long length chin or a short length chin is corrected concurrently to obtain a natural and perfect V-line.

Operation Information

  • Surgery Time :    ~60 Minutes
  • Anesthesia Type :    General Anesthesia
  • Hospitalization :    1 Day
  • Stitch Removal :    None
  • Recovery Time :    2-7 Days

Jaw Reduction Surgery Method

Jaw Reduction Surgery Method – Step 1

STEP  01 Make an incision line inside the mouth and design whereverthe reduction is necessary.
Jaw Reduction Surgery Method – Step 2

STEP  02 Remove the excess bone and tighten the skin.
Jaw Reduction Surgery Method – Step 3

STEP  03 If necessary, remove excess side jaw bone.
Jaw Reduction Surgery Method – Step 4

STEP  04 Fix the incision line.
Jaw Reduction Surgery Method – Step 5

STEP  05 Finalize the suture.

Ideal Candidates for Cheekbone Reduction

01   People with square jawline due to large jaw bone

02   People with an imbalanced jawline

03   People who want a slimmer jawline in the permanent method

04   People who have a large lower chin

Jaw Reduction Surgery Point

01   The result is permanent.

02   Jaw Reduction can slim down both side and front face line or either one.

03   The surgery creates a softer appearance.

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