Fat Grafting

“What Is Volume Fat Grafting?”

Fat grafting refers to an aesthetic procedure, in which extra fat in stomach or thigh of your body is taken and transplanted to other areas (face, breast, hip) devoid of fat to achieve good volume and shape.

From the mid-20s, the skin starts to lose elasticity and the fat distribution on the face starts to change, causing the forehead, temple or cheeks to be depressed. Autologous fat transplantation allows you to fill the depressed areas and hide protruding cheekbones. Recent autologous fat transplantation can be called a ‘face renovation procedure’ as it makes your face look healthier and voluminous.

VIP Volume Fat Grafting diagnoses the ideal shape of an individual’s face and injects the fat into every detailed layer, giving a long-lasting and detailed result compared to the conventional fat grafting.

Doctor’s Message

“Fat grafting is certainly not a simple surgery.”

As we age, our face slowly loses fats. Therefore, our face looks older than before due to wrinkles and sunken cheeks, temple, or forehead. You may lose elasticity and volume in your body parts like breast and hip. If you do not wish to insert foreign implants to your body and prefer the most natural results, autologous fat grafting is an excellent and safe surgery that satisfies your needs. However, if the fat grafting is done without high and experienced techniques, you may experience certain side effects like any other surgeries. Fat grafting surgery can be the safest and natural surgery when performed by a surgeon who has extensive experiences with great skills.

Operation Information

  • Surgery Time:     60 Minutes
  • Anesthesia Type:     IV sedation
  • Hospitalization:     None
  • Stitch Removal:     4-7 Days
  • Recovery Time:     1-2 Weeks


Q.    I am interested in fat grafting but I am worried that the result does not remain long enough and gets absorbed very quickly.

A.    It is known that 50% of fats will be absorbed after the fat transferring. However, the surgery results highly depend on a surgeon’s skill on how much fats to inject or in what type of technique he injects your fat. VIP Volume fat grafting has discovered the know-how considering this fact and many of the patients are satisfied with the result without the additional touch-up.

Volume Fat Grafting Surgery Method

Volume fat grafting consultation

STEP  01Diagnose the sunken area and design the targeted areas to add volume considering an individual’s preference and face shape.
Volume fat grafting – fat harvest

STEP  02Perform IV Sedation after sanitizing. VIP performs IV sedation instead of local anesthesia to give more detailed and long-lasting result.
Volume fat grafting – fat harvest

STEP  03Harvest the fats from stomach or thigh areas. Use high-quality micro cannula for the faster recovery minimize bruising, swelling, or damaging tissues.
Volume fat graft purifying fat

STEP  04Use centrifuge to filter the pure fats.
Fat graft injection

STEP  05Inject the pure fats in each layer of skin in various directions for long-lasting result.

Ideal Candidates for Volume Fat Grafting

01    People who want younger face

02    People with sunken or curvy face area such as temple, forehead, and cheeks.

03    People who wish to improve deep laugh lines (smile lines)

04    People who wish to improve sunken areas of under eye

05    People with flat and dull face

06    People with sunken cheeks or flat temple

07    People who desire to use autologous fat tissues to volume up their breast or hip

Volume Fat Grafting Surgery Point

01    Gentle harvest to minimize swelling and bruising.

02    Filter out the fats without the air contact.

03    Inject to every layer the of skin and under skin with detailed skill.

04    Long-lasting result preventing 2nd touch-up surgery

05    No scar is visible on the operation area

06    No side effects occur because it is your own tissue.

07    Fat in the fat-abundant areas, including the lower abdomen and thighs, is taken and transplanted to other areas devoid of it, thus improving the body line.

08    Asymmetric faces or protruding cheekbones can be corrected without a surgery.

09    If the initial procedure fails to produce desirable results, it can be corrected with another procedure.

Potential Side Effects

VIP’s autologous fat transplantation enhances biological fixing rate and minimizes side effects. It also allows natural correction of any abnormal areas. There is a very low possibility of side effects as the procedure uses autologous tissue. Most of the side effects are minor, and they disappear as time passes by.

01    Bruise : Bruises can emerge on both areas from which fat was taken and to which it was transplanted.

02    Inflammation : Inflammation can emerge on the transplanted area, which can be cured with antibiotics.

03    Lumps : There can be lumps felt in the transplanted area while the fat is biologically fixed. These do not cause any problem, but a shot of steroid can remove them with ease.

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