“What Is Necklift?”

As the aging process develops, the neck skin sags down and fat tissues accumulate creating a double chin. VIP Necklift removes excess skin and fats near the jawline and neck. If the skin of your neck and chin is greatly sagging, it can be addressed by peeling the SMAS layer on the face, up to the jawline and the bottom of the ears. The SMAS layer necklift requires a high level of expertise; if wrongly done, the surgery result may look unnatural or leaves a scarring. At our clinic, the scar is not visible because the doctors have researched and gathered know-how techniques for 24 years to create the finest surgery quality.

Doctor’s Message

Depending on the severity of your neck aging process, there are various treatments to solve. Once the aging process develops, not only the face skin sags down but also the neck skin sags down together. It is important to take care of your neck skin along with the face skin. Fine wrinkles or minor loose skin can be treated with the Non-Surgical Neck Wrinkle Removal Lifting (filler, VIP Cocktail Injections, laser.) If you are concerned due to major neck skin laxity, Necklift is the best solution for you. The Necklift along with *Smart Lipolysis Laser is one of the popular combination to simultaneously remove the excess fats and tighten the jawline area.

Operation Information

  • Surgery Time:     1-2 Hours
  • Anesthesia Type:     IV sedation or General Anesthesia
  • Hospitalization:     0-1 Day
  • Stitch Removal:     4-7 Days
  • Recovery Time:     1-2 Weeks

What Essentially Causes the Sagging Skin?

SMAS layer is a thin layer between the subcutaneous fat tissues and muscle tissues that are closely attached to the dermis layer. This SMAS layer is sensitively affected by the pulling gravity which becomes the main reason of a sagging skin. Therefore, if you are looking for a fundamental and definite result, it is important to not only pull the dermis layer but also the SMAS layer together to prevent a secondary sagging process.

Necklift Surgery Method

Necklift Surgery Method

STEP  01Make a small incision near the back of the lower part of the ears.
Necklift Surgery Method

STEP  02From the incision line, delaminate the SMAS layer under the subcutaneous tissues and pull it upwards.
Necklift Surgery Method

STEP  03Consider the severity and complexity of wrinkles and skin laxity; pull the superficial skin layer upwards. Precisely and thoroughly suture to prevent potential scarring.

Ideal Candidates for Necklift

01    People who want a long-lasting lifting effect with minimum scarring.

02    People who have severe neck wrinkles and sagging neck skin.

03    People who want to improve the neck line into more definite shape.

04    People who were not satisfied from thread lift or laser for the neck wrinkles and double chin.

Necklift Surgery Point

01    The Necklift result is more effective when performed with facelift surgeries together. (Extended Deep Plane Facelift)

02    The Necklift dramatically improves the skin laxity and deep wrinkles.

03    This surgery is semi-permanent which does not require a secondary surgery if the skin is maintained well enough. Once the SMAS layer is pulled to the original position, the result lasts immensely compared to any other anti-aging surgeries.

04    The Necklift is performed with a minimum incision in the back of the ears and therefore the scarring is almost invisible. After 6 months to one year of the surgery, the scarring shows less redness and becomes nearly invisible.

05    The doctor pulls the neck skin and SMAS layer consistently giving a natural and smooth texture.


While it is possible for you to have necklift without a facelift, as facial tissue and skin of your neck is connected to your lower face, we recommend you to undergo both facelift and necklift at the same time. Having neck skin pulled alone may not have an ideal natural result.
Platysma Neck Lift tightens the muscle on the sides and in the middle of the neck with a platysmaplasty. This procedure makes two incisions - under the chin and one behind each ear. This way neck tissues are being lifted and tightened removing and tightening loose neck skin.
Usually no, the incisions are done behind the ears and under the chin, so the scarring is not very noticeable. Since the incisions are quite small (about 1-2 cm) and with time they heal and fade away.
Longevity of the result primarily depends on your skin properties, daily life and skin routine. Surgery helps to lift skin, tissues and muscles to the original place where they used to be when you were young. As the normal aging process cannot be stopped and is different for everyone, it is difficult to predict the exact period that surgery results would last. Compared to other techniques and procedures Platysma Neck lift gives one of the most long-term results.
The risks of neck lift may include but not limited to infections, rough stitches, visible scar lines, and swelling. Dr.Lee's extensive experiences in neck lift and anti-aging surgeries are dedicated to combat all these risks.
After the surgery you will need to come for check-ups everyday until the stitches are out. Stitches will be removed on 4-7th day after the surgery. Doctor check ups will be scheduled for another week. During your recovery time in Jeju, after care such as anti-swelling facial and treatment will be provided. Once you return to your country, there will a monthly follow up communication online until your full recovery.

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