“What Is Advanced Genioplasty”

Genioplasty or chin augmentation is surgery that enhances the appearance and shape of the chin. An Advanced Genioplasty (aka Sliding Genioplasty) is chin surgery where the chin is advanced or moved forward. A doctor will recommend this procedure if the patient has a retruded chin and profile is not defined. As this surgery is instrumental in correcting disharmony on the face it is usually considered a cosmetic procedure. It can significantly alter the facial appearance of a person and their overall profile and symmetry will be improved.

Operation Information

  • Surgery Time:     1.5 hours to 2 hours
  • Anesthesia Type:     General
  • Hospitalization:     Overnight Stay
  • Stitch Removal:     7 to 10 days
  • Recovery Time:     2 to 3 weeks

Advanced Genioplasty Surgery Method

Advanced Genioplasty Surgery Method

STEP  01 Incision line starts inside the mouth inside the lower lip & below the bottom teeth.
Advanced Genioplasty Surgery Method

STEP  02 Cut horizontal line along chin bone.
Advanced Genioplasty Surgery Method

STEP  03 Slide bone forward and utilize medical-grade fine wire for the cut bone in order to make stable. Medical fine wire is the best material for fixation, which does not have any gap between the bones.
Advanced Genioplasty Surgery Method

STEP  04 Stitch Incision Closed and put the tape on chin and outside of mouth.

Ideal Candidates for Advanced Genioplasty

01    People who have a receding chin and normal bite.

02    People with a weak chin and protruded mouth

03    People who have severe chin abnormalities

04    People who want dramatic results

Advanced Genioplasty Surgery Point

01    The incision for advanced genioplasty is invisible due to its position in the mouth.

02    Only board certified plastic surgeons or maxillofacial surgeons should do this surgery.

03    Doctors recommend this surgery for people who have problems with chin implant or chin fillers.

Post-operative Care for Advanced Genioplasty

01    Take your medicine as directed by the doctor, this will include antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and pain medicines.

02    For the first few days, eat a soft or liquid diet.

03    Patients should avoid intense activities or exercise for 2-4 weeks.

04    Rinse your mouth with water or antiseptic rinse after every meal.

05    Avoid the incision area.

Effects of Advanced Genioplasty

01    More V-line face structure with more prominent chin

02    No more protruded mouth

03    Balanced and harmonious face

04    More defined look


The risks of Genioplasty surgery may include but not limited to infection, bruising, asymmetry, swelling and numbness in the operated area. Dr.Lee's has extensive experience in the plastic surgery field that is dedicated to combat all these risks.
You need to wait for at least 1 year.
The complications after the surgery may include but not limited to infection, bruising, asymmetry, swelling and numbness in the operated area. Unfortunately, every surgery takes a risk and we are unable to estimate the possibility of complications. Instead, Dr.Lee and our medical team strive for the best result to prevent such complications.
After the surgery you will need to come for check-ups everyday until the stitches are out. Stitches will be removed in 7-10 days after the surgery. Follow up check-ups: everyday until the stitches are out, and after that doctor will make an appointment according to your healing process.
Dr. Lee prefers genioplasty (arranging bone location) with a wire, rather than silicone implant because of many reasons.
  1. the bone that contacts with silicone slowly gets absorbed and eventually causes bone to go in;
  2. there is always a possibility of contraction using a silicone implant whether it is a nose or chin;
  3. there is a possibility that the silicone implant might move around and deviate.

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