“What Is Ptosis Correction?”

When you use your eye muscle to open eyes, sleepy eyes tend to have weak muscles and the upper eyelid covers the pupil giving a tired appearance.
This is called ptosis symptoms which should be fixed early to prevent further aesthetic problems such as forehead wrinkles and sagging eyelids due to weak eye muscles.
Ptosis correction not only re-shapes the eyes for the aesthetic reasons, but also helps you functionally open your eyes more comfortably.

Doctor's Message

Are you stressed out because people tell you often that your eyes look tired?
Ptosis Symptoms are common innate features for many people who do not have distinct eyelid crease causing sleepy eyes and even forehead wrinkles if the case is severe.
When you open your eyes, if you tend to use your forehead and eyebrow muscle instead of eye muscle itself, you most likely have a weak eye muscle.

Operation Information

  • Surgery Time:     30 Minutes
  • Anesthesia Type:     Local Anesthesia or IV Sedation
  • Hospitalization:     None
  • Stitch Removal:     None to 2 Days
  • Recovery Time:     7 Days


Q.    Is ptosis correction only by incision method?

A.    In the past, the incision method was the surgery method. Recently, various surgery methods are developed giving a natural result.

Non-incision Ptosis Correction Surgery Method

STEP   01
If the eyes are monolids,
design the preferred crease line.

STEP   02
Create 1-2mm of micro holes
along the crease line.

STEP   03
Adjust the eye muscles and fix
them using a thread.

STEP   04
Fresh and clear eyes are created.

Ideal Candidates for Non-incision Ptosis Correction

01    The upper eyelid covers the pupil giving a tired appearance

02    Who wants to have bigger eyes

03    Who has difficulty in opening the eyes comfortably

04    Who wants to undergo double eyelid surgery with ptosis correction

05    Who wants to keep the same double eyelid but wish to have more clear and fresh look

Non-incision Ptosis Correction Surgery Point

01    Does not leave the visible scar since the method is by micro holes instead of incision.

02    Fast recovery with minimal bruises or swelling.

03    Achieve defined and natural eyes with double eyelids. (Double eyelid crease thickness varies depending on your preference.)

“What Is Incision Ptosis Correction?”

Incision method is the traditional method to perform ptosis correction.
Unlike non-incision method, incision method is recommended for people who have severe ptosis symptoms.
Incision method allows the surgeon to remove excess fats, skin, and muscles, creating a more defined and bigger eye shape.

Ideal Candidates for Incision Ptosis Correction

01    When eyelid skin is thick and severely sagged down

02    When eyes are small with excess fats

03    Having difficulty in opening eyes due to severe ptosis

04    When incision method double eyelid surgery is necessary

05    When double eyelid surgery result is not effective due to ptosis symptoms

Incision Ptosis Correction Surgery Method

STEP   01
Design the double eyelid
crease line.

STEP   02
After the incision, remove
unnecessary excess skin,
muscle, or fats.

STEP   03
Correct the eye muscles causing
ptosis symptoms and fix.

STEP   04
Creates a defined and bigger
eye shape.

Incision Ptosis Correction Surgery Point

01    The surgery is effective for thick skin, excess fats, and saggy eyes

02    Customize the eye shape design based on the patient's condition.

03    Ptosis correction is effective for people who considers revision double eyelid surgery due to unsatisfactory result.

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