About Hydration Skin

While 60% of the human body consists of water, our skin protects body from excessive heat and light. Unfortunately, our skin tends to lose hydration from the skin due to aging, stress, dry environment, and broken lifestyle. Dehydration of the skin leads to all types of aging process such as fine wrinkles, lack of elasticity, and darker skin tone. Hydration is the basic step of skin care treatment to keep the skin moisturized.

List of Hydration Skin Treatment

Hydration Skin Treatment
Dermal Injection

·    Shining injection

·    DNA injection

·    Filorga NCTF injection and peeling


·    E-toning laser

Medical Aesthetic Treatments

·    Dr. Solution

·    LED Electroporation treatment

·    Cryocell

Shining Injection

Shining injection (Restylane Vital) consists ofhyaluronic acid that attracts 200 to 300 times of hydration compared to water. By injecting on the dermis layer, it immediately delivers brightening and hydrating effect to the skin.

Filorga NCTF Injection and Peeling

FilorgaNCTF injection and peeling is an anti-aging skin booster that is invented from FILORGA LABORATORIES located in France. Perfectly fused with 53 combination ingredients that revitalize the skin cell and hyaluronic acid, NCTF Boost 135HA activates fibroblast which greatly influences an aging process. By activating fibroblast, the injection and peeling brighten the skin tone and improve pigmentation, wrinkles, and elasticity.

E-toning laser

New E-toning laser combines the technology of IPL and HiPL controlling safety and efficacy for melasma, pigmentation, and spots. Unlike traditional IPL, the new E-toning laser enables an effectively shorter pulse in microsecond range with IPL technology and additional multi-pulse with HiPL technology.

Dr. Solution

Dr. Solution is VIP’s signature medical aesthetic treatment that covers all ranges of skin concerns. It is a comprehensive peeling and moisturizing treatment with consequences of steps that are personally planned based on an individual’s need. With natural ingredients that are based on Korean fermentation technology, Dr. Solution immediately brings out a brightening effect with a soft texture of skin.

Take Home: Starface LED Electroporation Treatment Device

Starface LED electroporationis a home medical device that is created for the people who desire an active maintenance of skin. The device offers a LED electroporation to the skin which allows the serums to enter into the skin easily compared to applying with hands. Ultimately, this device gives a full of hydration giving a glowy and anti-aging skin.

Ideal Candidates for Hydration Skin Treatment

01    People with dry and dull texture of skin

02    People with sensitive skin

03    People who want moisturized and hydrated skin

04    People who want a basic skin care treatment

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