Non Surgical
Heart-line Face

“What Is Non-surgical Heart Line Face?”

The goal of a plastic surgery is to achieve the most natural and beautiful appearance of yourself. If you are concerned about the bumpy faceline and sunken areas and looking for simple procedures without an incision, VIP would like to recommend Non-Surgical Heart Line Face which is a combination of multiple procedures (V-line laser, fat graft, V-line injection (facial contouring), the Botox, and the filler). The synergy effect of non-surgical procedures is powerful that could truly satisfy your needs without the surgery. Heart Line Face not only creates a V-line, but also a youthful image from the fat graft.

Operation Information

  • Surgery Time:     90 Minutes
  • Anesthesia Type:     IV sedation
  • Hospitalization:     None
  • Stitch Removal:     4-7 Days
  • Recovery Time:     1-2 Weeks

Non-surgical Heart Line Face Includes These Procedures

Non-surgical Heart Line Face Before and After
V-line Laser (Lipolysis)V-line Laser (Lipolysis) VIP V-line laser not only melts the fats in your faceline (jaw, chin, or cheeks) but also tightens the skin giving the optimal result for whoever wants to achieve a slimmer face.
Fat Graft in the heart line areasFat Graft in the heart line
Injecting fat in each layer of skin increases the survival rate of fat giving more precise and long-lasting results.
V-line Injection (Lipolysis)V-line Injection (Lipolysis) Without cutting your facial bone, V-line injection removes excess fat and re-shapes your face line smoothly.
BotoxBotox Removes the fine wrinkles or reduce the square jawline by injecting the Botox.
FillerFiller Creates a 3D volume in the sunken parts of the face by injecting the filler.

Ideal Candidates for Non-surgical Heart Line Face

01    People who are afraid of thesurgical surgery

02    People who have a short recovery time but wish to improve their beauty

03    People who want to have same effects of losing weight

04    People who do not want dramatic changes

05    People who want procedures that do not seem obvious

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