“What Is Breast Augmentation?”

When considering the breast augmentation surgery, there are several features to check beside the breast implant size. In order to create natural breasts, the doctor must thoroughly understand a patient’s body size, original breast shape, breast tissue amount, and how much the breast has sagged. The appropriate breast implant is then selected and inserted at the precise location. VIP plastic surgeons who have extensive surgery experiences perform the Breast Augmentation assisting the patient from 1:1 consultation to post-surgery care aiming for the highest satisfaction.

Operation Information

  • Surgery Time :    90-120 Minutes
  • Anesthesia Type :    General Anesthesia
  • Hospitalization :    None
  • Stitch Removal :    4-7 Days or None
  • Recovery Time :    1-2 Weeks

VIP Breast Implant Types

Tear Drop Breast Implant

Tear Drop Breast Implant

A sloped contour filled more on the bottom than the top, mimicking the shape of natural breasts. Even though the upper part of the teardrop implants is not quite as filled as the round implants, they tend to give greater projection than their round counterparts with the same amount of volume. Teardrop implants might be the right choice for women who are seeking a breast enhancement that appears more natural. Breast implants so far leaked when the pressure was applied. However, the teardrop implant stays as it is without any leakage at all. It has high stability so it is completely harmless. The tear drop implant becomes softer as time passes by and does not require a massage after the surgery.

Micro Texture Breast Implant

Micro Texture Breast Implant

This micro texture breast implant combines the advantages of round texture and round smooth breast implants. It is made out of more detailed and micro-texture, which minimizes the contraction side effects and creates the natural look when there are various movements.

Round Texture Breast Implant

Round Texture Breast Implant

The round textured breast implant is effective to create an overall breast volume. As time passes by, the implant becomes softer and does not require a massage after the surgery.

Round Smooth Breast Implant

Round Smooth Breast Implant

The texture of this implant is extremely soft and thus giving a natural movement. The massage after the surgery is necessary.

Premium Motiva Breast Implant

Premium Motiva Breast Implant

Premium Motiva Breast Implant

Motiva breast implant is the premium level implant which is biomedically produced with the highest flexibility and details. The implant delicately moves according to the gravity replicating real breast shape and texture. The individual Motiva Implant contains a unique micro UDI identification for the patient safety. The rupture rates and capsular contracture rates below 1%. As it is a premium level implant, Motiva Implant is only supplied to the experienced and prestigious clinics in Korea.

Types of Breast Augmentation Incision

Armpit Incision Type of Breast Augmentation Surgery

Armpit incision Make 3-4cm incision line near the armpit area and insert the foreign implant. This method does not affect the lobule alveolar system and thus does not influence the breastfeeding. The scar line follows along the armpit wrinkles, so it is almost invisible.
Underneath the Breast Line Type of Breast Augmentation Surgery

Underneath the breast line incision Make 3-4cm incision line underneath the breast line and insert the foreign implant. Targeted location is more precise than the armpit incision when inserting the breast implant.
Areolar T-Cut Incision Type of Breast Augmentation Surgery

Areolar T-cut incision Make 1-2cm incision line around the areolar area to not only insert the breast implant but also to perform breast lifting or areolar reduction surgery.

Breast Augmentation Surgery Method

Dual Plane Insertion

Dual Plane Insertion Type of Breast Augmentation Incision

The principle of the breast augmentation is that an implant is placed beneath the pectoral muscle to project the breast tissue, thus augmenting the breast. For patients who have short breast bottoms (distance between the nipple and bottom line), small and sagging breasts, or degraded breast tissue after lactation, the general method of implant insertion results in implant migration, a double contour between the implant and sagging breast tissue. The dual plane method is a solution to such problem. This is a double-layered special method, in which the pectoral muscle is separated from the breast tissue and moved upward so that the implant is covered by the muscle in the upper part and covered only by the breast tissue in the lower part. In other words, the upper half of the implant is positioned under the pectoral muscle, and the lower half is covered by the breast tissue. This method is called “dual plane” because the implant is simultaneously located under and over the muscle. The “Dual Plane Breast Surgery” is a high-technique breast surgery, which allows the small, sagging breasts to look and feel natural. It remarkably reduces the capsular contracture and resolves many problems of the general implant insertion beneath the breast tissue.

Advantages of Dual Plane

01   Results in natural cone-shaped breasts for small and under-developed lower part breasts

02   Results in natural tear drop-shaped contour and lifted breasts

03   Reduces capsular contracture and implant migration rate

04   Long-term maintenance of the correction of sagging breasts

Areola Breast Surgery (W-areola Incision method)

Areola Breast Surgery(W-areola Incision method)

Breast augmentation through armpit incision leaves a small scar. This is a disadvantage to dancers, models, active women and those who enjoy wearing sleeveless clothes during summer. Areola incision is a solution for them (The patient’s condition should be met prior to going on the w-areola incision method). The existing areola incision can leave scars depending on the condition of an areola. The latest w-areola breast surgery incises accurately along the areola border, leaving a virtually invisible scar. Moreover, this method allows the surgeon to directly access the pectoralis major muscle for placing and positioning the breast implant. The result is breasts with natural-looking volume and appearance with less scarring.

VIP Endoscopic Breast Surgery

VIP Endoscopic Breast Surgery

Many women around the world desire for larger and fuller breasts, as it is a symbol of beauty. Successful breast enhancement depends on choosing the right method and surgeon. This means that an accurate and sanitized placement of implants is also crucial. In a general breast surgery, space is made beneath the pectoral muscle through an armpit incision (3-4 cm) without careful observation. This often causes damages in the muscles, nerves or blood vessels with profuse bleeding. Furthermore, patients may have uneven breasts and misplacement of the implant space, resulting in capsular contracture, bilateral asymmetry or an implant weighing upward. VIP Breast Surgery Center utilizes the most up-to-date endoscopic equipment for a more accurate and sanitary surgery. This endoscopic breast surgery equipment may prevent nerve and blood vessel damage. It clearly detaches the muscle layers based on accurate anatomy, which results in minimum pain.

Hemostasis Is Possible by Directly Identifying the Bleeding Vessel

   Prevention of nerve and blood vessel damage

   Symmetrical space for implant insertion

   Natural appearance due to separation of sagging tissue and muscle inside the space

   Natural appearance due to separation of sagging tissue and muscle inside the space

   Minimum pain due to accurate anatomical dissection

   Prevention of capsular contracture due to less bleeding and enough hemostasis

Ideal Candidates for Breast Augmentation

01   People who are concerned of small and sagging breasts

02   People who are looking for more breast volume

03   People who experienced physical changes in breasts due to weight loss or pregnancy

04   People who want a revision breast surgery for a natural appearance

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