“What Is Chin Surgery?”

When the front chin is retruded, small, or wide your facial contour may not seem well-defined and balanced. This feature emphasizes the protrusion of the mouth, unconsciously giving an upset or imbalanced impression. Depending on the patient condition, chin surgery or non-incision filler may be applicable to achieve a sophisticated chin line. The chin surgery has various surgery methods such as T-cut, genioplasty, chin implant and chin fat graft insertion.

Operation Information

  • Surgery Time:     ~60 Minutes
  • Anesthesia Type:     IV sedation or General Anesthesia
  • Hospitalization:     None-1 Day
  • Stitch Removal:     Depends on the condition
  • Recovery Time:     7 Days

Chin Surgery Method

CASE 01 : T-Cut Chin Surgery

STEP  01Incise the partial part of front chin avoiding the nerve line. (red dotted line)

STEP  02Remove the partial amount of bone in the center and re-shape the front chin in V-line.

STEP  03After fixing the left and right side bones, remove the excess bone.
CASE 02 : Genioplasty

STEP  01Make the incision line inside the mouth.

STEP  02the incision line at the end of the chin bone.

STEP  03Find the ideal location for the chin line and fix it together.
CASE 03 : Chin Implant or Chin Fat Graft Surgery

STEP  01Chin Fat Graft: Harvest autologous fat tissues from thighs, hip, and stomach and insert fat tissues into the front chin.

STEP  02Silicone Insertion: Create a small incision in the mouth mucous membrane and insert a silicone implant for the ideal chin angle.

Comparisons on Different Surgery Methods

Genioplasty & T-cut Chin Surgery Chin Implant Chin Fat Graft
When chin lengthening or forwarding are necessary, genioplasty or T-cut chin surgery allows a flexible design without using the foreign implant. Chin surgery using foreign implants allows a quick surgery (30 minutes) and a fast recovery. The chin implant can be removed when unsatisfied. When chin retrusion is not severe, autologous fat graft is a moderate alternative. Although the result is not dramatic, using the autologous fat tissues is a simple way to enhance the chin.

Ideal Candidates for Chin Surgery

01    People who have a double chin because of the short length of chin

02    People who have a short and dull chin

03    People who want a sophisticated chin line

04    People who want to improve a small chin and a protruded mouth

05    People who want to improve the long face

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