“What is Tummy Tuck?”

Tummy tuck is an abdominal surgery removing excess fat tissues and loose skin layer. Compared to liposuction, tummy tuck is more appropriate for people who already experienced a pregnancy or have excess loose skin tissues. Therefore, it is one of the most popular surgeries among ‘Mommy Makeover.’ Not only it removes the fat tissues, but tummy tuck also removes excess skin creating a smooth line in the abdominal area.

Operation Information

  • Surgery Time:     3 Hour
  • Anesthesia Type:     General Anesthesia
  • Hospitalization:     1 Day
  • Stitch Removal:     None
  • Recovery Time:     None

Tummy Tuck Surgery Method

Mini Tummy Tuck incision

01  Mini Tummy TuckMini tummy tuck creates a minimum incision line to remove excess skin layer and fat tissues. This method is appropriate for people who do not need to remove a lot of fats.
Tummy Tuck – removing excess skin and fat tissue

02  Tummy TuckThis traditional tummy tuck effectively removes the excess skin and fat tissues near the lower abdominal area. It also tightens the muscles around the abdomen for a smooth line. The new belly button is created according to the appropriate position in the abdomen.
Liposuction and Tummy Tuck Combination

03  Liposuction & Tummy Tuck CombinationIf you are looking for a dramatic change in your abdominal area, consider this abdominal contouring combination. This combination includes a liposuction and tummy tuck that are performed simultaneously. Liposuction effectively removes fat tissues and tummy tuck creates a smooth finish.

Ideal Candidates for Tummy Tuck

01    People who already had liposuction but need additional body contouring surgery

02    People who have excess skin laxity due to severe weight loss

03    People who have weak lower abdominal muscles

04    People who lost skin elasticity due to pregnancy

Tummy Tuck Surgery Point

01    Highly effective in removing excess loose skin and fat tissues.

02    The scarring is hidden underneath the underwear line.

03    The new belly button is naturally positioned.

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