“What Is Septal Deviation Rhinoplasty?”

The nasal septum is an inner structure that supports the columella. When this structure is not straight and bent, it is called a nasal septal deviation. This functional deviation causes discomforts such as breathing and allergic symptoms. Septal deviation rhinoplasty is VIP’s signature nose surgery that creates an aesthetic nose line and at the same time corrects the deviated nasal septum.

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VIP Chief Surgeon Dr.Lee Myung Ju presenting the Septal Deviation Rhinoplasty

About Septoturbinoplasty
When a functional nose surgery (ENT surgery) is performed without consideration of the aesthetic features, it gives a limitation for the next plastic surgeon to perform further aesthetic surgery because the septal cartilage is already used up during the resection of a twisted part of the nasal septum. In contrast, VIP’s septal deviation rhinoplasty solves two problems at once. The septal deviation rhinoplasty simultaneously performs both aesthetic and functional nose surgery giving a two-in-one result. This is the key surgery for the patients who want to stop suffering discomforts from the septal deviation and at the same time achieve an aesthetic nose shape. At VIP, we perform septal deviation rhinoplasty to treat the external structure simultaneously with the internal structure at once. Thus, septal deviation rhinoplasty is advantageous in terms of the surgery result, convenience, and financial cost.

Septal Deviation Rhinoplasty

Operation Information

  • Surgery Time :    2 Hours
  • Anesthesia Type :    General Anesthesia
  • Hospitalization :    0-1 Day
  • Stitch Removal :    5 Days
  • Recovery Time :    10 Days

What Causes the Septal Deviation?

Generally, a trauma causes a damage of nasal septum and a deviation. Physical injury and extreme pressure can also be the reasons for the deviation. If not, a congenital inharmonious growth and development between the inside of the nose and palate can cause a nasal septal deviation.

What Are the Common Symptoms?

Patients with a deviated septum suffer from many issues in their daily life. Not only they distress from an asymmetry shape of the nose but also suffer from functional problems. It causes systemic symptoms such as stuffy nose, the decline in concentration, a deficit of attention, and failure of the memory. Sinusitis also can occur; it can be the reason for eustachitis and otitis media when catching a cold.

What Are the Treatment and Solution?

Ultimately, the fundamental treatment is the surgery method to essentially repair the nose. The usage of medication is a common treatment that many patients follow for a temporary treatment. However, if the medication no longer works, it is important to visit a doctor to find out about the septal deviation. Without fundamentally fixing the deviation, it is not possible to clear out these symptoms.

Differences Between the Traditional ENT Surgery and VIP’s Septal Deviation Rhinoplasty

Difference between the Traditional ENT Surgery and VIP Septal Deviation Rhinoplasty

In the past, it was known that the nasal septal deviation was treated in otorhinolaryngology and the aesthetic rhinoplasty in plastic surgery. From the ENT septal deviation surgery point of view, it was generalized to detach the nasal mucous membrane enclosing the nasal septum and resect the twisted part of the cartilage or bone. The surgery relieved systematic symptoms like a stuffy nose and headache but could not improve the twisted part and even weakened the structure.

In contrast, the recent trend is to treat the external structure simultaneously with the internal structure: such as fixing a nasal septal deviation and turbinate thickening at the rhinoplasty specialist plastic surgery center. Instead of a procedure that completely removes the twisted nasal septum, the surgery is oriented to straightening the twisted part in various ways, facilitating the ventilation with reduction of the lateral turbinate and revising certainly the shape of the nose.

When the nasal septum deviation surgery and plastic surgery are separated, it is much more complicated to perform the plastic surgery afterward because the septal cartilage is already resected to revise the deviation of the nasal septum. If the septal cartilage is insufficient due to the resection of septal cartilage, it is necessary to extract the osseous septum, ear cartilage or chondrogladiolar, or rib cartilage. Using these autologous cartilages, the surgeon is then able to perform the aesthetic rhinoplasty.

Septal Deviation Rhinoplasty Surgery Method

The nasal septum plays a center role of strut maintaining a nasal balance. The initial stage of the septal deviation rhinoplasty starts by harvesting the sufficient amount of septal cartilage. If the septal cartilage is excessively harvested, it can cause a collapse in the nose. Using the harvested septal cartilage, carve and create pieces of supporting materials to construct the nose. Then, additional materials may be used such as ear cartilage, dermis tissue, rib cartilage, and silicone implant to meet the patient’s aesthetic requirements.

If the surgeon does not fix the nasal septal deviation during the rhinoplasty, the nose after the surgery will be also twisted. Only specialists know if the nose is twisted with the nasal septal deviation. This is because the soft tissue including the skin covering the nasal skeleton covers loosely before the surgery which is challenging for surgeons to precisely diagnose. Therefore, it is necessary to find and discuss with a rhinoplasty specialist to achieve a successful rhinoplasty.

Ideal Candidates for Septal Deviation Rhinoplasty

01   People with deviated nasal septum

02   People who seek for the functional solution

03   People who also seek for aesthetic effects

04   People who had an accident or injury which caused nose deviation

Advantages of Septal Deviation Rhinoplasty

01   Alleviates the various symptoms caused by nasal septum deviation.

02   Internal and external structures are treated simultaneously.

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