“What Is Cheekbone Augmentation?”

Cheekbone Augmentation is a surgery that inserts a foreign implant to give a 3D volume in the flat face. Many patients consider cheekbone reduction because they are concerned about the wide face, but sometimes cheekbone augmentation rather may be necessary for a 3D result in the flat face depending on the situation. Therefore, a professional diagnosis is required for each of the patients to give the ideal surgery before performing the surgery. For the cheekbone augmentation, the implants in various shapes and sizes are made of silicone or Medpore. The implant is placed between the joined line of mouth side and eye side, and the joined line of alar base and auricle.

Operation Information

  • Surgery Time:     ~30 Minutes
  • Anesthesia Type:     IV sedation
  • Hospitalization:     None
  • Stitch Removal:     None
  • Recovery Time:     2-7 Days

Cheekbone Augmentation Surgery Method

Cheekbone Augmentation Surgery Method

STEP  01Diagnose and design where the foreign implant will be placed in the front cheekbone.

STEP  02Make an incision line in the inner mouth and insert the foreign implant.

STEP  03Fix the foreign implant and suture using a dissolvable thread.

Ideal Candidates for Cheekbone Augmentation

01    People who are concerned about a wide face or flat face

02    People who look older than their age due to flat cheekbones

03    People who want semi-permanent front cheekbone volume

Cheekbone Augmentation Surgery Point

01    The inner incision in the mouth does not show the scarring.

02    The surgery allows the ideal amount of a volume for each patient giving the natural appearance.

03    The foreign implant is fixed with the screw giving a fixed position.

04    Long experiences of VIP surgery techniques minimize the nerve damage.

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