Slim Body Line

“What Is Non-surgical Slim Body Line?”

Are you not ready for the liposuction? But you still want to quickly lose fats and re-shape your body? Sometimes, you may not have enough time or motivation to go on a diet. If you are looking for 30 minutes quick procedures to lose weight, VIP introduces Non-Surgical Slim Body Line to you which is composed of fat melting injection, ultrasound laser, and RF laser.

Operation Information

  • Surgery Time:     ~30 Minutes
  • Anesthesia Type:     Anesthesia Ointment
  • Hospitalization:     None
  • Stitch Removal:     None
  • Recovery Time:     None

Non-Surgical Slim Body Line Includes These Procedures

01)  Fat Melting Injection
Fat melting injection helps melt and reduce fat cells in certain areas that are difficult to lose by diet or exercise. This injection reduces cholesterol that was saturated in the body.

02)  Ultrasound Laser
Ultrasound laser reduces the saturated cholesterol in certain areas that are difficult to lose by diet or exercise. The advantage of this laser is that recovery phase is not necessary as there is no incision or scarring.

03)  RF Laser
RF laser provides a higher safety and less pain compared to the traditional laser. The fractional high-frequency system and heat high-frequency system solves various skin problem and stimulates the collagen resulting in a youthful skin.

Ideal Candidates for Non-surgical Slim Body Line

01    People who are afraid of incision surgeries

02    People who want to lose weight and re-shape the body but lack of time to recover

03    People who want natural results

04    People who do not want dramatic changes

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