Stem Cell
Fat Grafting

“What Is Stem Cell Fat Grafting?”

Stem Cell Fat Grafting is an advanced fat grafting surgery which utilizes filtered pure fats and autologous stem cells harvested from your own body. In the past, silicone or collagen injection was used to fill the depressed areas, but this caused serious side effects. Fortunately, there are now more advanced procedures and materials available with a higher rate of biological fixing and few side effects, producing good effects that could not be expected in the past. Instead of using foreign implants like silicone, autologous stem cell fat tissues from your own body has an exceptional advantage in terms of safety and natural result. At VIP, surgeons use high concentrated stem cell extraction system called SmartPrep that is designed from the Harvard Medical School. Because of the high concentration of stem cells, the final fat tissues remain longer, give more volume, and create a skin rejuvenation such as skin elasticity and wrinkle improvement. If you desire to achieve a youthful and voluminous appearance with the highest degree of completion than the traditional fat grafting, Stem Cell Fat Grafting is the key solution for you.

Operation Information

  • Surgery Time:     ~60 Minutes
  • Anesthesia:     IV sedation
  • Hospitalization:     None
  • Stitch Removal:     4-7 Days
  • Recovery Time:     1-2 Weeks

Doctor's Message

"Fat grafting is certainly not a simple surgery."
From the mid-20s, the skin starts to lose elasticity and the fat distribution on the face starts to change, causing the forehead, temple or cheeks to be depressed. Furthermore, you may lose elasticity and volume in your body parts like breast and hip. If you do not wish to insert foreign implants to your body and consider body anti-aging surgeries, an autologous fat grafting is an excellent and safe surgery that satisfies your needs. Autologous fat transplantation allows you to fill the depressed areas and hide protruding cheekbones. Recent research reveals that the fat tissue contains stem cells, which give more volume to the depressed areas, making the skin more elastic and brighten it up with better colors. However, if transferring the fats is done without high techniques, you may experience certain side effects like any other surgeries. Fat grafting surgery is the safest and natural surgery when performed by a surgeon who has extensive experiences with great skills.


Q.   I am interested in fat grafting but I am worried that the result does not remain long enough and gets absorbed very quickly.

A.   It is known that 50% of fats will be absorbed after the fat grafting. However, the surgery results highly depend on a surgeon’s skill on how much fats or what type of hand-technique the doctor will inject. VIP surgeons have discovered the know-how considering this fact and many of the patients are satisfied with the result especially that they do not need the second-time touch-up.

Stem Cell Fat Grafting Surgery Method

Stem cell fat grafting surgical procedure

STEP  01Diagnose the sunken area and design the targeted areas for fat grafting considering an individual’s preference and face shape.
Stem cell fat grafting surgical procedure

STEP  02Perform IV Sedation. VIP performs IV sedation instead of local anesthesia to give more detailed and long-lasting result inserting fats into the deep layer of skin.
Stem cell fat grafting surgical procedure

STEP  03Harvest the fats from stomach or thigh areas. Use high-quality microcannula for the faster recovery minimizing the bruise, swell, and damaged tissues.
Stem cell fat grafting surgical procedure

STEP  04Use a centrifuge to filter the pure fats.
Stem cell fat grafting surgical procedure

STEP  05Using the Stem Cell Extraction System (SmartPrep by Harvard Medical University), harvest high concentrated stem cells from blood in your fat tissues.
Stem cell fat grafting surgical procedure

STEP  06Mix the pure fats and stem cells together.
Stem cell fat grafting surgical procedure

STEP  07Inject the pure fats in each layer of skin in various directions for a long-lasting result.

Stem Cell Fat Grafting Surgery Point

Volume Fat Grafting Stem Cell Fat Grafting
100% autologous tissues
Adds volume to the sunken areas
Detailed insertion
Natural results
Uses the stem cell extraction system
Extra-lasting fat grafting result
Faster recovery
Skin rejuvenation
Anti-aging effect

Ideal Candidates for Stem Cell Fat Grafting

01    People who want a younger and more voluminous face

02    People with sunken or curvy face areas such as temple, forehead, and cheeks.

03    People who wish to improve deep laugh lines (smile lines)

04    People who wish to improve sunken areas under the eye

05    People with flat and dull face

06    People with sunken cheeks or flat temple

07    People who desire to use autologous fat tissues to volume up their breast or hip

08    People who already tried traditional fat grafting but lost fats quickly

09    People who wish to undergo a fat grafting but tend to lose fats easily

10    People who are concerned of foreign implants

1 1    People who have excess fat tissues in abdomen or thigh areas

Post-operative Care

01    Do not walk or exercise intensely right after the surgery. Otherwise you can suffer from bruises or swelling.

02    Do not open your mouth too wide or laugh out if you got fat transplantation on your cheeks. This can prevent biological fixing of the fat.

03    Makeup is allowed right after the surgery, but washing your face can be done from the next day. Do not place too much strength on your hands when washing your face.

04    Do not sleep on your stomach or put your hands on the areas of operation. This may cause deformation or poor fixing of the fat.

05    Abstain from smoking and drinking for at least a week. Alcohol can cause infection on the area of transplantation and smoking can interrupt blood circulation so that biological fixing can be prevented.

06    Do not massage or press your face for about a month. This can cause deformation.

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