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Dr. Lee is great. He is extremely knowledgeable and dedicated. His staff is courteous and I like his philospohy of medicine – part eastern and part western.  Now that some months have passed, I wanted to update my breast reduction review. Dr. Lee put me on a regimen of supplements at our first appointment, and after some blood work, He continued to check my breast for scaring and I’ve body position is normal and I can get back the self confident I lost before. Honestly, what a wonderful thing to have a doctor who actually cares about my well-being, and takes the time to explain his thinking. He’s a great doctor, and when I think back to the days when I had the rushed and impersonal treatment of Kaiser US, or the hassle finding a plastic surgeon who would fit me in, I am truly grateful.”I will definitely go back to VIP with Dr. Lee if ever I decide to do another plastic surgery.Thank you Dr Lee and all the staff of VIP!


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