Nose surgery after car accident

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 - Nose surgery after car accident - Nose surgery after car accident

Thank you so much VIP!! My name is. 


I'm from Northern VA. U.S.A. I have many surgery for my nose from my car accident, none of them turn out right. I'm so disappointed and sad for myself that I'm not going to have a normal look again!! Until I saw one of my friend leave a recently surgery done from VIP. She want me to go and I went and I'm so grateful and happy that Dr. Lee he is amazing!! He fix my nose hundred percent look good, much better such a different what I have. I'm truly recommend everyone want to get better look, confident for yourself. You should come to VIP. All staff, doctors + nurses so professional. They are so kind and honest, and helpful.


Again Thank you so much for what you done to me, May God bless you all <3 <3 


Love it. 


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